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We accept delivery/take-away orders in Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

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  • 安心のデリバリー



  • テイクアウトでも



  • イートインもOK






  • Delivery by separate serving

    What is the best Seafood Bowl for delivery? After much thought and consideration, we arrived at the style of "separate delivery," in which the ingredients and sushi rice are delivered separately.

  • Japanese soup stock Jelly

    "Seafood Bowl without Soy Sauce"
    Using a special Japanese dashi jelly instead of soy sauce, the original flavor of seafood is brought out and a sparkling beauty is also created.

  • イートイン

    Sushi rice cooked with dashi

    Sushi rice also has a twist.
    By making sushi rice with rice cooked in dashi, you can taste the flavor of seafood more deeply.


- Our Commitment to Tuna 1 -

"Farmed" surpasses natural

Our farm-raised tuna is grown in the rough seas of the Genkai Sea, one of the world's leading fishing grounds. The tuna is secured with an electric harpoon, and then immediately nerve-tightened on board to preserve the maximum amount of flavor. The longer the tuna is laid down to rest, the more its flavor components increase, and combined with the high quality fat, it has an indescribably rich flavor.

We hope you will try this delicious fish that will overturn the conventional concept of farmed tuna.

Seafood Bowl with red meat of tuna

- Our Commitment to Tuna 2 -

The answer is "dry aging".

In order to make the tuna we carefully select and purchase even more delicious, we have conducted extensive research and arrived at the "dry aging" method.

Dry aging is a method in which a block of tuna is dried in a refrigerator in its naked state, and then aged little by little while the temperature is controlled. The meat has been properly moistened and only the flavor has been concentrated, creating a perfect balance between a sticky texture and a mellow flavor.

Seafood Bowl with medium fatty tuna

- Our commitment to fresh sea urchin -

On "Pride"

The owner of Umisachi is a big sea urchin lover, having once traveled all over Japan in search of only sea urchins.

That is why she never wants to serve her customers untasty sea urchins. He only serves fresh sea urchin that she is satisfied with and that is truly delicious.

With such pride and conviction, Shirokane Umisachi's raw uni is carefully selected and purchased.

There may be times when the price of a product fluctuates or we do not stock it, and we ask for your understanding.

Seafood Bowl with fresh sea urchin

- Our commitment to the sea bream -

Putting in the "time and effort."

"Being particular" does not mean paying a lot of money to buy expensive things.

Recalling the words of a senior colleague who once told us, we continue to process sea bream, let it rest for days, carefully kombu-jime it, and serve it to our customers today.

Seafood Bowl with red sea bream

To make you smile, you who have not yet seen it.

We at "Shirokane Umisachi"
are making Seafood Bowls with all our hearts today.

We look forward to your orders.

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