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We accept delivery/take-away orders in Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

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Separate packaging

The seafood and the sushi rice are served separately.

So you can enjoy the taste of freshly made sushi without the drippings of the fish soaking into the sushi rice and the temperature of the sushi rice not transferring to the fish.


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Beautiful and fun!

You can eat seafood that is beautifully packed in a cup like sweets and sprinkled with sushi rice.

In order to deliver such a beautiful and enjoyable experience, we carefully make it by paying attention to presentation, packaging, and how to eat.

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Dashi jelly

Shirokane Umisachi's seafood bowl is also called "seafood bowl without soy sauce".

Since it is seasoned with a jelly made with a special dashi stock, you can enjoy a delicious seafood rice bowl with just the right amount of seasoning without adding soy sauce.


Carefully selected production areas.

We mainly use bluefin tuna raised in the rough seas of “Takashima” in the Genka Sea , one of the world’s leading fishing grounds.

By tightening the nerves immediately on board the tuna before it is landed, the tuna retains a great deal of umami. increase.

Please enjoy our boasted bluefin tuna that is particular about its production area and taste.

* Depending on the stocking situation, we may use bluefin tuna from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture or from overseas. We will inform you of the purchase status on social media and more.

Tuna Seafood Bowl


The answe is "dry aging".

In order to make the tuna we carefully select and purchase even more delicious, we have conducted extensive research and arrived at the "dry aging" method.

Dry aging is a method in which a block of tuna is dried in a refrigerator in its naked state, and then aged little by little while the temperature is controlled. The meat has been properly moistened and only the flavor has been concentrated, creating a perfect balance between a sticky texture and a mellow flavor.

Seafood Bowl with medium fatty tuna

- Our commitment to fresh sea urchin -

On "Pride"

The owner of Umisachi is a big sea urchin lover, having once traveled all over Japan in search of only sea urchins.

That is why she never wants to serve her customers untasty sea urchins. He only serves fresh sea urchin that she is satisfied with and that is truly delicious.

With such pride and conviction, Shirokane Umisachi's raw uni is carefully selected and purchased.

There may be times when the price of a product fluctuates or we do not stock it, and we ask for your understanding.

Seafood Bowl with fresh sea urchin

- Our commitment to the sea bream -

Putting in the "time and effort."

"Being particular" does not mean paying a lot of money to buy expensive things.

Recalling the words of a senior colleague who once told us, we continue to process sea bream, let it rest for days, carefully kombu-jime it, and serve it to our customers today.

Seafood Bowl with red sea bream
  • For family celebrations such as Father's Day and birthdays

    Mother's Day, Father's Day, Respect for the Aged Day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, entrance to school, graduation, promotion, retirement, etc. Please enjoy Shirokane Umisachi's seafood jug for family celebrations.

    We will create a special dinner party for you to remember.

  • For a home party with friends

    Shirokane Umisachi 's kaisenjyu is perfect for home parties with close friends.

    Depending on your budget, it is also possible to add special toppings and prepare wine or sake that goes well with seafood.

  • For seminars, meetings and dinners

    You can use Shirokane Umisachi's Kaisenju in business situations, such as lunch boxes served at seminars and meetings, dinners and lunch meetings at important business negotiations.

    We accept orders for up to 30 people.

  • For special occasions such as betrothal gifts and wedding receptions

    We recommend Shirokane Umisachi's Kaisenju for special occasions such as family reunions, betrothal gifts, and wedding receptions.

    We can also prepare special packaging and cutlery to suit the solemn occasion.

  • Reliable delivery

    Shirokane Umisachi's dedicated delivery staff, who have undergone customer service training, will deliver to customers on time with the motto of cleanliness, courtesy, and courtesy .

    We will take great care to ensure that the cargo does not collapse, etc., and will be transported with care.

    Check delivery area 
  • Takeout

    Takeout at the store is also possible, of course.

    You can specify the delivery time when ordering.

    Click here for the store location 
  • Only open on weekends

    Shirokane Umisachi is basically open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays (orders are accepted even on holidays).

    If you would like delivery or takeout on holidays, please contact us here.

    Check the business day calendar 
  • Please tell us your request

    We will flexibly respond to various requests such as "I want to do something with a limited budget", "I want to eat a combination that is not on the menu", and "I want wine that goes well with seafood".

    If you are interested, please contact us from here .

To make you smile, you who have not yet seen it.

We at "Shirokane Umisachi"
are making Seafood Bowls with all our hearts today.

We look forward to your orders.

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